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Cosmetic Appliances

lingual braces (incognito)

These bond to the inner surfaces of the teeth (on the side towards the tongue) thereby truly concealing them from the outside. The system we currently use utilises the latest computerised technology to produce individually designed braces of the highest quality and the Orthodontist must be specially trained and certified to use this system. It is ideal for those who would like to achieve that great smile whilst minimising any attention drawn to their treatment.

clear aligners (invisalign)

Invisalign are a series of custom designed wafer thin clear aligners bespoke braces are worn over the treatment period. Each aligner is worn full-time for 10-14 days and by wearing the series given to you by your Orthodontist; it will gently guide your teeth to the desired position. As there are no metal bits and wires, it offers comfort and convenience. The advantage is that the aligners are nearly invisible and you will be able to remove your aligners to eat, brush and floss.

Invisalign in Edinburgh


This is a type of fixed brace, very similar to the stainless steel braces. However, many people prefer to have braces that are less noticeable, giving them the confidence to smile during treatment. With ceramic braces, they are translucent or tooth-coloured so that they blend in more with your natural teeth.