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Adult Orthodontics

You may be looking to transform your look on that special day (weddings/graduation ceremonies) or simply to feel positive about yourself in a social and professional environment. Research has shown that your smile is the first thing people notice when they meet you for the first time. Do not worry age is not a limiting factor, braces are no longer just for children and it is never too late to have a beautiful smile that you can be proud of.

Even if you have had braces before, mild irregularities may have developed due to lack of retainer wear. In this case, a short course of treatment can return them to perfect alignment again. Some patients will also wear braces on the advice of their dentist to preserve or improve their dental health (for example, to improve bite and function and access for cleaning) and prior to crown or bridgework.

As long as your gums and teeth are healthy, there are no real age limits to Orthodontic treatment. Even if these complicating factors are present, referral can be made back to your dentist or a Specialist. With a team approach, a comprehensive plan can be made in order to improve your dental health, function and facial appearance.

With the increasing choices of modern cosmetic braces, adults are increasingly choosing orthodontic treatment to give them a natural and pleasing dental appearance to enhance their looks and confidence.
At Ardmillan Orthodontics, we have a keen interest in providing discreet treatment for adults seeking orthodontic treatment. Aside from a range of cosmetic appliances, we also offer invisible braces where no one will have to know you are having treatment